The Perfect Cruise Begins & Ends on Dry Land

We bring our best to you

SATS-CREUERS brings together the best of world-class cruise terminal and airport management, combining the efficieny of Creuers with the passenger service of SATS to service your cruise line and delight your guests.

Experience with high passenger volumes

In FY2013-14, Creuers managed 1.8 million passengers who passed through the gates in Barcelona, while SATS handled over 43 million passengers and 134,000 flights around the world.

Fast turn around

We have the expertise to handle multiple liners of any class, including today's new generation cruise liners, with the same ease and efficiency.

Unforgettable hospitality

Whether coming or going, we believe the perfect cruise begins on dry land. Your crew and guests will delight in the warmth of Asian hospitality.

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