Checking In

Embarkation | Disembarkation
01 Listen
  • The crew on board your cruise liner will walk you through disembarkation procedures before your arrival. Listen for important information such as:

    • the disembarkation schedule
    • group and identification codes

  • As you disembark at your chosen time, listen to the breaking of waves, relish the city skyline as you make your down the passenger bridge



02 Immigration
  • Our friendly ambassadors will guide you to your immigration counter and assist you with pre-arranged special needs i.e. wheelchair services.


03 Baggage
  • Make your way down to the Baggage pick-up area at Level 1, your luggage will be ready for collection at the designated area, with our porters and Ambassadors ready to assist you at all times.
  • Cruise Fly passengers can check in their baggage at the Cruise Fly counter before the security screening. Your luggage will be screened and loaded onto the aircraft in time for your flight.



04 Security &
Transport Services

  • Proceed with your luggage to clear customs and security before leaving the terminal.
  • Once you leave the terminal, you'll easily find your intended mode of transport to your next destination.
  • See our guide for transport out of the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore.