Singapore has a strict policy on travelers bringing prohibited items onboard. You are strongly advised to enquire with the cruise line ground staff before checking-in should you be unsure about any items in your hand-carried baggage, to avoid unnecessary delays.

Ground staff at the departure gate will refer passengers whose carry-on baggage does not meet requirements to check-in their carry-on baggage at baggage drop-off counters at Level 1 and Level 2. Checked baggage may be required to undergo further security inspection if deemed necessary.

For information on Left Baggage services, please click here.

Hand-carried item allowed through Departure Gate:
  • Maximum 10kg per person
  • Maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm

SATS-Creuers Cruise Services shall not be liable for:

(a) Water damage to baggage;
(b) Damage to the baggage exterior, such as scratches, dents, stains or fixtures (e.g. handles, wheels);
(c) Loss of any undeclared items;
(d) Loss or damage of items in unsuitably packed or unsecured baggage.