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Marina Bay Cruise Centre isn’t just clean.
We are SG Clean.

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore has been awarded the SG Clean certification which certifies sites with the highest level of cleanliness and public hygiene so that you can enjoy peace of mind when you sail with us.

Safe Management Measures


Observe Safe Distancing

Passengers, ship crew, and cruise terminal staff must observe safe distancing and adhere to the floor markers around the terminal.


An added layer of protection

Acrylic shields have been placed at immigration and check-in counters to help protect cruise passengers and terminal staff.

Hand Sanitiser

Sanitise often

Hand sanitizers are available at various locations throughout the terminal for all to use.


Leave a seat between each other

Alternating seats and counters have been marked out across the terminal to ensure safe-distancing between individuals at all times.

Health & Hygiene Measures

ISS cleaning

Frequent Cleaning & Disinfection

We conduct frequent cleaning and disinfection at Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore. High-contact areas such as baggage trolleys, lift buttons, and door handles are cleaned and disinfected at frequent intervals. 

Microbial protection

Anti-Microbial Coating

Anti-microbial coating has been applied on all surfaces around the terminal to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

AHU Antiviral

Anti-Viral Coating

Anti-viral coating has been applied on the filters and cooling coils of our air-conditioning system, which acts as an air purifier to improve the terminal’s overall air quality.