1. How do I subscribe for CruiseFly?

Email [email protected] to register for the CruiseFly service.

2. What do I get when I subscribe for CruiseFly?

Airline check-in and baggage transfer to the airport. All check-ins will close 3 hours before the flight departure time.

3. How much does CruiseFly cost?

USD 28.00 per guest (up to 2 pieces of baggage) USD 10.00 per guest (without any baggage) USD 9.00 for every additional bag All excess baggage charges are applicable based on respective airline regulations. All prices are inclusive of Goods & Service Tax (GST).

4. Where do I pay for CruiseFly?

Payment will be made at the CruiseFly counter located before Customs Screening at the Arrival Hall (Level 1) at Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

5. How do I pay for CruiseFly?

We are only able to process payments made by VISA or Mastercard. We are unable to accept cash transactions.

6. What is the flow when guests arrive at Marina Bay Cruise Centre?

  • Upon arriving at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre and clearing Immigrations, guest who subscribed to the CruiseFly service will collect their baggage at the Arrival Hall (Level 1)
  • Proceed to the CruiseFly Counter located at the Arrival Hall to check-in for their flights After guests have checked in for their flights and deposited their bags, they can choose to enjoy the multitude of activities/attractions in Singapore

7. What are the participating airlines for CruiseFly?

CruiseFly is only available for guests taking flights by the following airlines:

  • Singapore Airlines (SQ) – SilkAir (MI) – Air China (CA) – China Southern Airlines (CZ) – China Eastern Airlines (MU) – Qantas (QF) – Eva Airways (BR) – Scoot (TR) – Turkish Airlines (TK)

8. What do I need to do once I clear immigrations?

Once CruiseFly guests have cleared immigrations at Marina Bay Cruise Centre, guests will need to collect their Baggage, and head to the CruiseFly counter. The CruiseFly counter is beside the Customs Screening area at the Arrival Hall (or Baggage Collection Area) on Level 1. Our staff will check the registration list provided by the cruise for registered guests.

9. Is transport provided from Marina Bay Cruise Centre to Changi Airport?

No transport is provided. However, there are limousine services available at the cruise centre.