Due to the high demand of car park lots during school holidays and weekends, we may have limited available car park lots especially between Fridays through to Sundays.

In the event that our car park is full, the nearest alternative car parks are at Marina South Pier (0.7 Km away) and Gardens By The Bay (2.8 Km away).

Parking Rates Calculator:

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Total Cost: (SGD)


Parking Rates Table:

All **charges are applicable from Monday to Sunday*, including Public Holidays.

Type of Car Park Lot Parking Rate (S$)
Car (for level 2 & 3 carpark)
Per hour or part thereof for the first two hours only $2.50
Per hour or part thereof for subsequent hours $3.50
Per Entry Rate (2231 hrs to 0700 hrs) $3.50
Maximum Rate per Day $20.00

(For Vehicles Entering the Carpark Within 07:00am to 06:59am the next day – New charges start after 07:00 am).

Per Entry Rate $1.50
Coach Bay
Per half hour or part thereof Incremental pricing per 15 minutes
First 15 minutes: Grace period
16th to 30th minute: $2.50
31st to 45th minute: $1.80
Subsequent 15 minutes block: $2.20

For enquiries about parking rates, please call +65 6856 6600.