The DriveCruise service allows you to park your vehicle at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore carpark, at a highly discounted rate and continue your cruise holiday hassle-free! Upon returning, you can just pick up your car and drive comfortably away without having to wait for taxis or public transport, and paying peak hour surcharges.

DriveCruise Package:


  • $45 for a 4-Day 3-Night cruise per vehicle.
  • $55 for a 5-Day 4-Night cruise per vehicle.
  • $65 for a 6-Day 5-Night cruise per vehicle.
  • E.g. A cruise from 05th to 09th July 2019 is considered as 5-Day 4-Night cruise. Hence, Drive Cruise package will cost $55 per vehicle.

*Car Park Charges Capped at $18.00

(For Vehicles Entering the Carpark Within 07:00am to 06:59am the next day. New charges start at 07:00 am)

**There is no DriveCruise Package for 3D2N Cruises, for more information on the parking charges please click here.

***The tickets are subject to availability and cannot be purchased in advance nor reserved.

Sale of DriveCruise Ticket:

  • DriveCruise Pass is available from the DriveCruise Machine located at Level 2 Car Park (next to the lift).
  • Only MasterCard and Visa accepted.

DriveCruise parking:

You may park at available carpark lots at Level 2 and Level 3 carpark except for reserved and cordoned-off lots.

Special benefit:

DriveCruise pass entitles you to an additional 20% discount on regular-priced MBCCS Merchandise.


  1. Park your vehicle at the carpark (Level 2) upon arrival at MBCCS.
  2. Proceed to the DriveCruise Machine (next to the carpark lift) to purchase your pass and make cashless payment before receiving the pass.
  3. Upon returning from your cruise vacation, proceed directly to your vehicle at the carpark. Remove your CashCard from your I.U.
  4. When leaving the car park at the exit gantry, scan your DriveCruise pass to exit.
  5. For AutoPass card users, firstly scan your DriveCruise pass, followed by inserting your AutoPass card to exit.

*Please ensure you have secured a carpark lot before purchasing.
For more information on the scheme, email us at [email protected].